Fabrics, and artistry & craft materials for all your “home-sewing” needs; from planning-to-manufacturing-to-sales.

Home Sewing

Variety of fabrics, and artistry & craft materials —designing, development, and sales specified to crafts stores and retail businesses. Not limited to KOKKA original fabrics, together with textile brands and authors such as—“nani IRO” and “echino”—we accentuate developing products by way of aggressive collaboration among textile brands, authors, and creators.


Planning and producing for Mens, Womens, and Kids Clothing, offering assistance in sales for apparel and other manufacturers alike. Fashioning the latest fabric trend to manufacturing original concepts by clientele—managing a wide range of products consistently meeting demands of our broad market.

Relevant Sites
KOKKA product info-website. Introducing designer series, and original print-fabrics such as echino and nani IRO.
A “shop site” of cocca. Original fabrics and products are sold via this WEB-Shop. Shipping is also available from our Japan shop.
A brand “shop site” of nani IRO—events and mail order information, along with access to store information on hand. Shipping is also available from our Japan shop.
Hankyu Umeda sesse, located in the Hankyu Umeda department store. A sesse store-employee blog. Countless information from new products to sewing classes, including store-facts—brought to you via this blog.