For inquiries regarding wholesale in North America (The United States and Canada), please visit Kokka U.S.A., Inc.
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  • Kokka USA, Inc. is the US subsidiary of Kokka, a Japanese textile manufacturer founded in 1948, focusing on printed fabrics. We wish to provide our US clients with superior quality, designs, and service that KOKKA is known for. You can send questions to us via the inquiry form found on our Kokka USA, Inc. website.
  • The Kokka Fabrics online store launched in July 2022 and is operated by KOKKA USA, INC. You can find printed fabrics designed by our in-house team and collaboration designers, as well as our high-quality solid-color fabrics. Shipping from Kokka Fabrics is currently available to the US and Canada.
  • KOKKA product info-website. Introducing designer series, and original print-fabrics such as echino and nani IRO.