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“cocca” store tenders contemporary designs for clothing, food and shelter by transforming Japanese tradition to modern aesthetics. From its tiny cultural hub of Daikanyama city—cocca transmits culture of Japan worldwide.


First of its kind, “ATELIER to nani IRO” is native to watercolor artist, Naomi Ito, whom delivers her textile brand artwork—“nani IRO Textile.” While managing creations such as, “nani IRO” and “SUMAU nani IRO” material suggestions and artistic tips also available.


Hankyu Umeda sesse, located in the Hankyu Umeda department store (10th floor), is a “collection craft” venue; specialized direct fabric-shop. The only venue in the Kansai (west) region exclusively retailing Daikanyama’s cocca-brand items, including KOKKA original fabrics. Aside from carrying fabrics and crafts pieces, “sesse” similarly offers ‘awareness classes’ to help color your daily livelihood applying fabrics and craft components.

Relevant Sites
A “shop site” of cocca; located in Daikanyama. Original products are sold via this WEB-Shop. Store information can also be accessed here.
A cocca section within the T-site of Tsutaya “Kashiwa-no-ha.” Numerous designs of textile-lineup along with books are accessible here. Fun, casual workshops are provided through this site which are scheduled on an as-needed basis.
A brand “shop site” of nani IRO—events and mail order information, along with access to store information on hand.
Hankyu Umeda sesse, located in the Hankyu Umeda department store. A sesse store-employee blog. Countless information from new products to sewing classes, including store-facts—brought to you via this blog.