KOKKA NETコッカネットはパソコンでプリント生地や無地の在庫検索をし、原反・着分カットの注文・発送指示をパソコンで簡単に行うことのできるシステムです。
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B-35080 82 A
100% ramie

I-12310 1 C
colorful ocean life

I-14030 1 A
ume blossom

300+ items displayed in our showroom, with new items introduced monthly. 10,000+ database library, 20,000 image search system, our on-demand printing capability, etc… You can find all your "print-fabrics" here.


    At last, the "print-fabric" company KOKKA will venture into the field of plain fabrics. Meticulous in fabric quality, trend and price….

  • Unison Face

    Unison Face

    A collaborative interlining "print" product by KOKKA & Nittobo. A new and special tecnology.

  • Home Character
  • Home Character

    Here we have the "character-patterns" in collaboration with various authors of these characters; an abundance of original patterns.

  • アパレル
  • Apparel

    We are an OEM division with a proven track record in a wide variety of products. We are responsible from the product planning stages until its delivery. Our "suggestion-style OEM" division offers professional help and recommendations to our customers.

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