Privacy Policy

KOKKA (hereunder referred to as “this site”) is a website managed by KOKKA Incorporated (hereunder referred to as “our company”). Our company recognizes personal data collected from all our customers are vital information, in which we are committed to handle with full attention to execute privacy protection. Any inquiries regarding our company’s personal information protection policy should be directed to

Collection of Personal Information

When you share your information with us, we notify you of its purpose and scope. No information will be collected prior to your consent.

Usage of Personal Information

We limit the use of your information for the purpose and scope as previously informed. Data are used to assist us in improving our products, services and/or as information updates, and no other way.

Management of Personal Information

Security measures will be placed to protect personal information preventing unauthorized access, disclosure and/or leakage.

Sharing information with a third party

Without prior consent, our company will not share or disclose personal data to a third party, unless one or more of the following circumstance(s) applies:

  • When subcontracted works are necessary; retaining legal justification.
  • When information is used by our company; retaining legal justification.
  • When necessary to comply with the laws and regulations.
  • When obligatory in emergency situations.
  • When correction or deletion is required.

Disclosure, correction and/or deletion of personal information.

If and when personal information needs to be uploaded, updated and/or deleted, As according to our company’s procedure—upon verifying your identity, and if and when deemed necessary and reasonable, appropriate steps will be taken immediately.
However, personal data upload (partial or full), shall be based on the following principles.

  • Should there be concern of any harm toward our client and/or third party threatening in life, physical, financials or financial-rights, monetary accounts, or in other matter, as deemed hostile.
  • Should there be concern of profound disturbance in matters of business practice;
  • Should there be concerns of violating the law.

Compliance of applicable laws and regulations, and guidelines.

Our company is in full conformity in compliance with applicable laws and regulations, and guidelines.

Updating Contents

Changes and Updates.
Contents of this website are subject to change without notice.