Here we have the "character-patterns" in collaboration with various authors of these characters; an abundance of original patterns.
We hold the largest share of these "character-prints" in the industry.
We not only have the Anime or cartoon characters, but stationary characters, famous characters, including the characters of different books.
We have plenty. And that's not all. By utilizing our 60+ years of know-how, we are known as the trend-setters for a wide range of attractive print applications.
The collaboration with various authors whom are active in diverse areas, has enabled us to expand our applications into media and advertisement fields.
We are proactive to broaden the world of our product lines.
- Some products are avaialble worldwide.
G Items G Items
In preparation for your children's entrance to kindergarten and/or grade school,
"character-prints" are a must! Disney, Pokemon all the famous characters -- we have plenty.
JG品番 JG Items
The collaboration with various authors around the world, whom are active in diverse areas, has enabled us to offer fabric-goods.
We trust you'll enjoy the individually emphasized fabrics by these authors.
H Items H Items
Our original brand series "Trefle".
Trefle is perfect for your sewing needs.
We now have other products (i.e., furniture) to match our Trefle series, so that you can enjoy it in totality.
P Items P Items
The focus here is trend, and we bring you the latest in patterns and materials, in a wide range of products lines.
nani IRO
nani IRO
This is the web site of Naomi Ito and her textile designs called, naniIRO.
On this web site, you can access her past collections as well as her new items, and also download for free, her works (i.e., bags, dresses, etc.).